Monday, June 13, 2016

Visual Faith- St. John's- Dover, DE- Part 1

Part One of the Journey-
Family Life to Congregational Setting
Melinda Ransdell- Visual Faith Coach

I was  introduced to Visual Faith;
 Praying in Color and Bible Journaling,
 at a welcome to the SED event for new church workers.
 I immediately had to share it with my family. 
They absolutely loved it.
 It has become a vital part of our devotional lives.
 We now have special Bibles to color in and several
 journals and sketchbooks for faith art expression.
 It soon became evident that this had to be shared even further,
 with our congregation.
It took me awhile to figure out just how to do that.
 I wasn’t sure if a one day workshop
 or a few classes were the best setting. 
I attended the Illustrated Faith event at Prince of Peace 
Lutheran Church in Virginia last November.
 It was amazing. I loved hearing from Lisa Nichols Hickman 
as she walked us through the process she uses to Bible Journal. 
I also got to visit with Connie Denninger 
and learn more about how she shares keeping the faith projects 
with her neighbors. 

What an amazing way to share the love of Christ
 and offer opportunities for people to deepen their faith lives.
After much prayer and personal practice,
 I developed some teaching tools, explanation and worksheets,
 that would help make it easier to share
 these amazing Visual Faith disciplines that have become so important
 to me and my relationship with our creative God.
 Along with this process was much talk with my husband,
 the pastor of St. John’s, about the best time to teach Visual Faith. 
While talking one afternoon, it dawned on us both at the same time,
 my husband was teaching a Bible Study-
 different ways to study the scripture. 

Bible Journaling would be a great practice
 to introduce as a choice to implement
 in their personal bible study time. 
It was definitely a God moment of timing
 that had fallen right into our laps.

Melinda Ransdell serves at St. John's Dover, DE
 where her husband, Rev. Dr. CJ Ransdell is pastor.
More about this journey can be found at Melinda's blog-

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