Friday, July 06, 2018

Welcome to the SED- Rev. Kevin and Leslie Barron

 We welcome Rev. Kevin and Leslie Barron 
and their sons-Caleb and Nathaniel
to the Southeastern District.
 Rev. Kevin was installed by 
SED President- Rev. John Denninger 
on Sunday, July 1, 2018 
as pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church, 
Baltimore, Maryland.
Ministers of the Gospel unite to
 bless the ministry of Rev. Kevin.
What a wonderful group of 
pastors and vicars assembled to bring
greetings and participate in this installation.
Rev. Kevin was presented a 
Shepherd's Staff by 
SED President John Denninger.
It was a blessing to have 
Rev. Kevin's vicarage supervising pastor 
present for this special day.
Rev. Andrew Lissy 
serves at Living Savior Lutheran Church
 in Fairfax Station, VA.
May the Holy Spirit bestow all of these gifts 
to Pastor Kevin and his ministry.

 A Luther's Seal from the 
narthex at Calvary Lutheran.
The lovely reception following the service 
was also graced with floral bouquets
 that had such lovely peonies.
A Visual Prayer for 
Rev. Kevin and Leslie and their family
 and their new church family.
May the Lord bless their ministry.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Welcome to the SED- Rev. Mark and Janise Moretz

 On June 24, 2018, 
Concordia Lutheran Church 
in Hagerstown, Maryland,
 hosted the rite of Installation for 
Rev. Mark Moretz as their pastor.
Rev. Moretz receives a 
Shephard Staff from 
SED President John Denninger,
as Pastor Mark and wife, Janise,
 are graced with a blessing.
 The clergy in attendance for the Installation 
bring greetings and blessings 
for Pastor Mark and family.
L-SED President John Denninger
R- Rev. Mark Moretz
Greetings to the new ministry couple-
Rev. Mark and Janise Moritz-
 in the Southeastern District!
Rev. Mark and Janise and children-
Mary-Kate, Samuel and Evan.
(not pictured are adult daughters- Christen and Anna)
The Concordia Lutheran Church- 
Conover, North Carolina connection-
Pastor Steve Miller, 
Pastor Mark and Pastor Mark Schudde
The service had wonderful young helpers.

With a beautiful reception to follow.
Blessed to be sent!
Our drive back to Virginia included 
fat puffy clouds and blue skies,
a downpour rain event,
suns shining on a building 
that made it look like it was on fire,
and God's promise rainbow.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Faithful Servant- Julie Schafer

A retirement celebration was held this past
 Sunday, June 24, 2018
at St. Paul's Lutheran Church,
Baltimore (Catonsville) Maryland
for Rev. Stephen and Julie Schafer.
In was a service framed by
"It's All about Jesus"
and completed with wonderful music offerings.
The handbell choir directed by Julie
 blessed the worship at the service.
 At lunch I was able to 
speak to her a bit about the 
beautiful banners 
that graced the sanctuary.
 They are paper banners.
Julie loves working with all 
age groups to create the banners.
Julie is a teacher at heart- 
and gifted to incorporate all 
levels of expertise 
for a learning experience.
Southeastern District President-
 John Denninger
 offers prayers and blessings
 over this ministry couple.
Pastor Steve and Julie 
were blessed to have their daughters-
Christine and Josh Wagner 
and Alicia and Joel Dreessen with 
 grandson- Grayson 
join them for the celebration.
at the FOP Lodge - Nine Mile Circle- Catonsville.
L to Right-
Congregational President-
Ken Waibel -who served at St. Paul 
as the school and early childhood center principal,
President Denninger, Pastor Steve,
   and Barb Haar-Minister of Parish Life.
As Julie and Pastor Steve transition 
into their next time of serving in the Kingdom-
may they be blessed by knowing:

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Welcome to Rev. John and Teffanie Engwall

 Welcome to Rev. John and Teffanie Engwall 
to the Southeastern District!
Rev. John was installed as pastor 
at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
 in Aiken, South Carolina
 by Rev. John Denninger- SED President.
Circuit pastors gather to bless 
the new clergy couple 
for their Mission in the Kingdom in Aiken
on Sunday, June 17, 2018.
Rev. John is a new graduate from 
Concordia Seminary- Fort Wayne 
and received his first call to Bethlehem, Aiken, SC.
Surrounding the newly-installed pastor 
are brothers in the ministry.
Thanks to the congregation at Bethlehem 
for such a warm welcome for the Engwalls.

 Teffanie shares a bit more about her journey-

"Hello! I was born in Baton Rouge,
and lived in Denham Springs, Louisiana 
for my first 7 years. 
I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother. 
My family moved around a lot as I was growing up and
I have lived in Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.
I met John in Knoxville- where we were married. 
I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews. 
I enjoy being with friends and family and going to the movies-
especially having popcorn at the movies 😏
I grew up going to church at different denominations. 
My mother's side was Methodist 
and my father's family was Pentecostal. 
Both didn't attend- they just sent us. 
When John and I got married,
I told him we would be going to church.
So we searched different places until John 
met the chaplain of the police department where he worked. 
We started going to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 
where I was baptized and confirmed.
We became members of Praise Lutheran Church
in Maryville, Tennessee.
I enjoy being around people and will hopefully
find a job that involves helping people.
I am so excited for our our new adventure in ministry 
with our new church families."

We give thanks for this journey of faith 
that has brought Teffanie and John
to this point in time. 
May they be blessed as they serve His people.