Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Visual Faith- St. John's- York, PA

On October 7, 2017 a group of women 
gathered for the first ever 
Visual Faith Event
 at St. John, York, Pennsylvania. 
We called it “Prayers From My Heart” 
and invited women to
come and make prayer flip calendars 
to use when praying over their loved ones.
We spent some time 
in the beginning remembering 
that God has created us in His image 
and because of that we are creative women.
 It was also important for us to learn what 
Visual Faith is all about. 
We had some healthy 
and some not-so healthy snacks. 

There were lots of supplies 
for people to use.
What a clever way to store washi tape!
 We had worship music playing. 
It was a great time for people 
to get to know each other 
and even make some new friends.
 There was joy in the room. 
 An amazing peace and calmness covered 
the room as women worked on their flip calendars. 
Some were singing along 
with the worship music 
and some were quietly sharing as they worked. 
All seemed more relaxed 
than they had been when they first came in. 
The comment heard most often was,
 “I hope we’re going to do this again!”
Some grown-up coloring skills.

 A special thank you to Visual Faith Coach- 
Denise Wright
 for planning and organizing this event,
 as well as sharing the story and photos.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Melissa Merker- Reformation Art

On Sunday October 8th, 
those gathered at Jordan Lutheran Church
 in Apex took part in a 
congregation-wide art project
 after the worship service for all ages. 
Members of Jordan was encouraged to illustrate 
their favorite Bible verse,
 themes of the Reformation, 
and the Sacraments. The illustrated work
 will be displayed at the 
Change the World: 
One Life at a Time Reformation 
Celebration event
 at Dorton Arena at the 
NC State Fairgrounds on 
Sunday, November 5th. 
Artwork from around the region 
will be displayed as we celebrate 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
More information about the 
Art Show and the Change the World event
 can be found at www.trianglefaith.org.

Thanks to Melissa Merker 
for the photos and blog post information.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Donna Lee- Visual Faith Teacher- Part 1

Donna Brauch Lee- 
Visual Faith Coach and Teacher
Tending the Flame Workshop Presenter- 2017

Donna came to Tending the Flame in 2016 
and sat in on a workshop about Visual Faith.
Then she went home and out of that flame
 the Lord started a bonfire.
After a meeting with her pastor, 
Rev. Dave Guelzow 
at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church
 in Hickory, NC., 
they came up with a plan to turn an 
underused room into a Visual Faith Center.
This began a year of creating Visual Faith tools 
and resources to join the current curriculum- 
that tied together theology, art and faith life living.
The stories of the students became alive with color
 and interactive processes 
that told the story 
of God's faithfulness in their lives.
This post we will share ideas 
about how to use paper bags 
as Faith Art Journals.
This could be used for any parochial school setting, 
Confirmation class, Sunday School, 
VBS program, or enrichment activity.
What a great activity for 
family faith life in the home!

It is just plain old lunch paper bags 
bought at Costco or your favorite grocery store.
You can add in smaller sizes 
and colors and get those at Michael's.
Here she used a Faith Visual
 and cut it out for the cover.
Washi tape or colored duct tape 
make fun decorations. 
Add ribbons.
The paper bags can be put together
 to make a vertical flip book.
Folded in the middle 
and hole-punched 
and secured with yarn, or ribbon.
 You can print off Bible verse cards, 
add in and color Bible verse cards to color.
Or make it the spot 
for memory work for students.
The top left is a journal for remembering 
your birth and baptism story.
We can celebrate what we remember.
Some of the visuals can be 
downloaded for free here:
Heb 12 and Psalm 51
The small Bible verse cards 
can be found here on Amazon:
It could also be a Thanksgiving journal
 for students to record the things 
they give thanks for with a heart of gratitude.
There are many free printables on Pinterest.
 Recycled greetings cards
can add much variety to these projects.
Donna will be sharing her ideas 
and learning experiences at the 
SED President's Conference 
next week- Oct. 18-20, 2017
 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

More of Donna's Visual Faith tools 
will be shared in upcoming posts. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Consistent Prayer- Consecrated Hearts- Women's Retreat

 The Fall Women's Retreat
Our Savior's Way
Ashburn, Virginia
 Presenters- Deaconess Sally Hiller
and Connie Denninger
Wonderful preparations and welcome
for all the attendees.
 Visual Faith display 
of practices and projects.
Family Faith Rolodex
Advent and Lent prayer
Visual Prayer and
Bible Journaling 
The VRSLY project
Counting Gifts
Prayers by the Month
 Time in the Word.
Conversations around the Table.
Meeting new friends.
Great music and worship.
The Blessing of the Prayer Shawls.

Thanks to Nikki Deacon
 and Ramona Meese and her team 
for a beautiful day of refreshment.