Thursday, February 25, 2016

PRAYER WORKSHOP- Risen Christ, Myrtle Beach, SC

All generations.  64 people.   Round tables.
How do we deal with Spiritual ADD 
and Spiritual Amnesia?
Introduction to Lectio Divina.
Visual Prayer.
Bible Journaling.
 Hands-on. Experiential.
Dealing with:
 slowing down
paying attention
dealing with distractions.
Becoming child-like.
Praying the Scriptures.
 Prayer is realtionship-
with our Heavenly Father, 
who wants to BE CONNECTED.
 Prayer time is Learning to LISTEN.
Prayer time changes- US.
 Stencils. Rulers. Drafting tools. 
All sorts of things can add
 to a blank sheet of paper.
Lifting up people and situations 
to the Lord that are on our hearts.
Sometimes we don't have a lot of words.
The Spirit prays for US.
 Prayer becomes story.
Prayer become journey.
We are witness to God's faithfulness.

We SEE when we forget.
We CONNECT the dots of our prayer lives.
We SHARE the story of what we have seen. 
We BLESS others with prayer.
The Lord BLESSES our small efforts,
Because He is Good. 

A Prayer Workshop
 to begin the celebration year of the 
40th Anniversary of
 Risen Christ Lutheran Church, 
Myrtle Beach, SC.
And praying for the Lord's hand
 on the ministry and people into the next 40 years.

Worskhop presenters:
Rev. Dr. John R. Denninger-
 Southeastern District President and his wife-Connie.

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